2AC Aquitaine

Experts for whom your business counts

A company of accounting and auditing experts, we have been based in Bordeaux since 1992.
In order to accompany our clients in the most personalised and comprehensive way possible, we work with a multidisciplinary team of professionals, local experts and modern collaborative working tools.

Facing today’s
challenges, together

Our team is by your side throughout every step of your projects: creation, association, development, transfer and sale of your business.

In order to achieve this, you’ll find a team for whom camaraderie and human relations are essential values, all while being resolutely turned towards modern approaches such as offering online solutions that facilitate coworking.

2AC is the ideal partner for your development, whether you are a business owner, retailer, artisan, learned professional or the director of an association.

Accounting expertise & Auditors :
Two strategic actions

Foreign investor looking to break into the French market? We offer you complete and round-the-clock support in the optimal choice of legal, tax and
financial arrangements in English or German, in your best interests and in  complete compliance with
French rules and regulations. We are the chartered accountants for more than 50 companies owned by foreign investors
with a strong specialisation in renewable energy solutions.

Our online accounting solution will give you full access to your accounting at any time.


We could have mentioned many values such as performance, morality, respect or commitment but we have chosen 4 of them which seem to us essential to carry out any project.


When we listen to ourselves, we understand ourselves better. We, therefore make a point of honor to listen to you in order to better understand your needs and provide you with concrete solutions.


For us, establishing a relationship of trust with every customer is essential.


Knowing our customers and keeping a watchful eye on the various regulations allows us to be proactive in implementing solutions.


We are demanding with our collaborators in order to provide our customers with quality answers.

2AC is ISO 9001 certified

Since 2012, this certification is an additional guarantee of professionalism for us.

« Things that are well thought out, are set out well; things that are well organized, are well certified. »


Online Accounting and Payroll Solutions

2AC Connect is a shared entry of your accounting or payroll in real time through internet.
We set up the software parameters and you can then carry out your operations in perfect
autonomy, while keeping a link with our team. Simple and secure, this solution allows to
increase the reactivity of our exchanges.

Our clients

Hervé Berthou

Director and founder of Systonic

2AC has been with Systonic for more than 25 years in the financial and social fields. Bertrand Laffort is a wise and pragmatic adviser; his team is reliable and responsive. They also associate a good knowledge of digital professions.

Jean Paul Lieux

Co-Founder of Dolist

We have been working with 2AC for 15 years. At each stage of the company’s evolution, our interlocutors were able to support us in a pragmatic way.

2AC has become a reliable partner on all management topics and allows us to make decisions with the best possible lighting.

Alain Desvigne

Chief Operating Officer and founding shareholder of AMARENCO SOLAR

Over the course of the past 3 years, we have done lots’ of asset acquisitions in france, deploying over 300 Million of capital. So we had the chance to test several accountants in France. Very often, we actually left the existing accountant in place for 3 -6 months to assess them. None of them were at the level of  2AC Aquitaine, in terms of expertise, reliability and trustworthiness.

We transferred literally as many contracts as we could to them as our business relies on top notch partners.  It would have been much easier for us to have our strategic accountant in paris as we end up spending lot’s of time there with our lawyers too  ! But at the end, what matters most, is to have the right suppliers and partners.

Catherine Parinaud

Director of the Bayonne Etche-Ona hotel, Bordeaux

Our collaboration with 2AC Aquitaine is historic, as it goes back over thirty years.

It is thanks to their well-intentioned listening, pertinent analyses, perfect knowledge of their clients’ files, a sense of efficiency and obtaining results that becomes only more performing with time, that we entirely place our trust in them.

It is vital, in today’s world, as a business owner, to be surrounded by professionals with undeniable talent with regards to sensitive topics, which is why we strongly recommend 2AC Aquitaine as a privileged partner for accompanying the development of your business.

They work with us 


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